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Editorial Board

SMART Editorial Board


Dr. Jason W. Lee, University of North Florida


Review Board Members:

Dr. Annie Clement, University of New Mexico

Dr. Dan Connaughton, University of Florida

Dr. Dan Drane, University of Southern Mississippi

Dr. Heidi Grappendorf, North Carolina State University

Dr. Angela Grube, Western Carolina University

Dr. Chevelle Hall, Grambling State University

Dr. Ted Kian, University of Central Florida

Dr. Greg Letter, Adelphi University

Dr. Kim Miloch, Texas Woman’s University

Dr. Michael Mahoney, California State University, Fresno

Dr. John Miller, Texas Tech University

Dr. Lisa M. Miller, Ohio Dominican University

Dr. Sue Mullane, University of Miami

Dr. Mark Nagel, University of South Carolina

Dr. Kadie Otto, Western Carolina University

Dr. Reginald Overton, Virginia State University

Dr. Jeffrey Petersen, Ball State University

Dr. Brenda Pitts, Georgia State University

Dr. Fritz Polite, University of Tennessee

Dr. James Reese, SUNY-Cortland

Dr. Ray Schneider, Bowling Green State University

Dr. Michael Smucker, University of Tampa

Dr. John Vincent, University of Alabama

Dr. Warren Whisenant, University of Miami


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